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Banana & Brownie Split

Posted by Dan Wellington on

 Dessert Ideas #2

What's not to love about a banana split? 

You're entirely correct. Nothing. Now add some rich, dark chocolate brownie into the equation and we're getting into some next level territory. This is a guaranteed, fun packed show stopper at parties and bbq's. Summer fun in a bowl.

What you will need: serves 1

  • 1x ripe banana
  • 2x scoops of your fav ice cream - I've gone for vanilla.
  • 1x Bakehouse cookie brownie broken up into pieces 
  • Chopped up chocolate chips or bar
  • Raspberry sauce
  • Chocolate sauce
  • Hundreds & Thousands
  • Suitable serving dish

This is a lovely easy recipe that is great for any occasion, the best part is that you can personalise it however you like. You can chop and change flavours of ice cream, brownie, sauces and different toppings to your hearts content and it'll pretty much always taste great - unless you get way off piste and go full 'Wonka', but hey at least you'll have fun trying out your crazy combinations :)


  • Slice you banana lengthways and place in your chosen dish - I cut mine into quarters to fit.
  • Add your 2 scoops of ice cream into the bowl - you might need to get it out of the freezer before hand if it's very hard.
  • Sprinkle on the broken up brownie pieces
  • Add your sauce(s) -  I find more is best. Salted caramel would work really well with this also.
  • Add your chopped chocolate - you could use chopped nuts or honeycomb
  • Finish with your chosen sprinkles

If you fancy making it yourself I'd love to see the results, tag @bakehousecranfield in your social media posts and I'll give a prize to the best one!


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