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Cookies By Post

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Cookies by Post...

There was a time, long ago when you had to buy a gift from a real life shop and give it, in person to a happy and hopefully grateful recipient. With the pace of modern life, society, and in turn, shopping has changed dramatically. We find ourselves in a time when the internet rules the roost and speed is of the essence!

There are of course good and bad with all changes in life, none more so than with the emergence of e-commerce. It has changed our shopping lives in many ways, sped things up and made way for a whole host of tech and apps way beyond what we thought may have been possible only a few years ago. 

Bring forth the humble cookie...

I never would've imagined being able to sell a box of cookies by post 15 years ago, yet here we are. We can now send, beautifully gift wrapped, handmade cookies to loads of lovely people all over the country and judging by the amount of amazing reviews and glowing feedback, it seems lots of you are happy we are able to as well! We are genuinely grateful for every order and every review, it means an awful lot. 

It's not only the fortunate receivers of these wonderful gift boxes that get to feel the warm glow of content, the senders get all the feels too :)  win win. 

On the surface it may appear to be just a gift box of cookies, but actually, there are quite a few people involved, from the hard working chef to the sender, who ponders over the gift message, the couriers and finally the recipients. It's amazing how it all works so smoothly, most of the time!

Cookies by post, who'd have thought it...