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Gifts For Mothers Day

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Mums are great aren't they. They do so much for everyone all year it seems like the least we can do is to celebrate how fab they all are on Mother's Day. Now what gift for Mothers day to get for your wonderful mum is the big question. Chocolates and flowers seem done to death, a nice meal out would work, but that fav restaurant of hers would've been booked up ages there's only one thing guaranteed to put a smile on her lovely face..TREATS!

Better still, a beautifully wrapped gift box with a hand written Mothers Day card brimming over with cookies and brownies!! Oh the smell - even before she opens the box, you can get a whiff of the delights inside. Sugary cookies mingle with the unmistakable smell of dark chocolate brownies and the broad grin across her face says it all. Your hand written card is lovingly read and re-read, then tucked away somewhere safe, where mums stash all the keepsakes. 

Happy Mothers Day!

Gifts For Mothers Day