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Gifts For Work Meetings

Posted by The Bakehouse on

Gifts for work meetings are not a 'must have' item but they certainly are a 'nice to have' item! Boxes of treats for each team member or a sharing box to impress clients with, always goes down a treat and can go a long way to sweetening that deal or swaying a client round to your way of thinking. Delicious treat boxes are certainly a step up from soggy sandwiches or a stale buffet.

Brownie and cookie gifts for work meetings can be sent to individual team members working from home and are a great way of building togetherness - imagine you all opening your boxes together on a that zoom call - Soooo tasty! 

In an uncertain world, with remote working becoming ever more popular it's the little things that bring us together, even when we can't be, that can make all the difference. 

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