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Welcome to The Bakehouse Cranfield, a place where you can find the most delicious chocolate brownies online as well as seriously tasty cookies. Great pride and effort goes into each and every small batch, to ensure a very special quality product that makes the ideal gift, popular office treats or 'thank you's'.

Bakehouse chocolate brownies have put countless smiles on faces across the U.K. and have been part of many birthday celebrations, anniversaries, client gifts or have simply made someone’s day.

When you order brownies online , your brownie delivery is treated with the utmost care and the best service is provided from carefully hand gift wrapping to ensuring it arrives on time and in the best condition. Every order gets the same level of care, attention and friendly customer service is always just a messenger tap or email away. A chocolate brownie box comes highly recommended and reviews can be found on each product page. Ordering is quick, simple and easy so your brownie delivery can be made with minimal fuss so why not relax and leave the hard work to us. 

All the products are made with the highest quality ingredients and are used in recipes that have been honed over many years during my time as a restaurant chef. As a fan of seasonal produce I aim to introduce different flavour combinations throughout the year to reflect what is available from my suppliers and to keep on creating interesting and innovative products to ensure there are always exciting items available.